Pot Rack Buying Guide

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Why you should own a pot rack

  • A pot rack by Enclume, Rogar or other leading manufacturers is one of the simplest ways to add a decorative or dramatic focal point to your kitchen.
  • Our pot racks are carefully created by skilled metal crafters. Special care and quality craftsmanship is given to each and every pot rack we sell.
  • Pot racks will store your pots and pans and free up valuable cabinet space elsewhere in your kitchen.
  • Owning a pot rack allows you to display your prized cookware. You have not invested in an expensive set of cookware only to have it scratched and dented banging around in your cabinet. A pot rack will not only protect your cookware from being damaged and it will also stunningly present its beauty.

Where to hang your pot rack

Do you want a hanging pot rack or a wall pot rack?

Pot racks are versatile and can be used in rooms other than the kitchen; although that is the most common place. To help you decide whether to purchase a hanging pot rack or a wall pot rack, we have provided images below with various styles in their actual setting. Our pot racks can accomodate any style of kitchen and are not only functional, but elegant.

Por Rack Size & Height: What you need to know

You need to know the height of your ceiling and the height of the person using the rack and what a comfortable reach is for them. When determining a comfortable reach, you simply hold your arm in the air as if you were reaching for the bottom or a pot or pan.

Find out what this height is. Typically, this would add 6-10 inches to your height, depending on the length of your arms. Keep in mind you do not need to be able to reach the hanging pot rack hooks on your pot rack. You only need to reach the bottom of the pan to lift it off the hook. For cookware with floppy hanging rings, the pot rack height may need to be lowered a bit to accommodate this type of handle.

Another thing to consider is if you are placing your hanging pot rack over an island. Consider the size of the island in relation to the dimension of the pot rack and the possible need to not only reach up but to reach in to grasp the cookware. You need six inches of clearance on all sides, so you will need to add to the distance down you need your pots to hang for you to reach them. Smaller pots would need to hang toward the outside of your pot rack so you can reach them easily.

Now, subtract the “reaching height” from your ceiling height. This number you get is the space that needs to encompass the height of your pot rack and the length of your pans. Generally, a small 2-cup pot is about 10″ long and a 12″ skillet with a handle is about 21″ long.

Usually, the height of your pot rack is the measurement from the ceiling (with the screw hooks installed) to the bottom of the pot rack hook (which extends 2.5″ below the lower edge of the rack itself.)

What is included when I buy a pot rack?

When you purchase a pot rack, you will find the pot rack components, mounting ceiling screw hooks for a hanging pot rack and lag bolts for a wall pot rack, and a supply of pot rack hooks. Assembly instructions and a wrench are also included. Some manufacturers will include a pot rack chain and grid and this will be noted on the individual item itself. Additional pot rack hooks and chains are considered accessories and are sold separately.

What type of maintenance is required for my pot rack?

The maintenance required on both hanging pot rack and wall pot rack styles is virtually the same as it depends on the finish you have chosen. Chrome plated and stainless steel are considered low maintenance along with hammered steel.

The copper and brass plated finishes are not lacquered. Over time they will develop a patina or can remain bright with regular polishing using a non-abrasive cleaner. It is very important that all trace of cleaner be removed however or the finish will tarnish again immediately. Stainless steel can be maintained with Scotch Brite, however, only rub the pad in one direction to avoid unnecessary scratching. Maintenance guidelines are included with our assembly instructions.

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