How Professional Home Designers Hang Wall-Hangings

If you just got a tapestry wall hanging, you will recognize how confusing and irritating it can be to arrange a woven tapestry wall hanging suitably. Unlike displays or an art hanging, imported European tapestries can be very difficult to get flawlessly set. Luckily, there are some good general rules that you can conform to make your home Décor look as fine as it ought.

First, consider what devices you would like to assemble to create a layout for your wall decor display. The easiest way is using a decorative wall tapestry rod. Imported wall tapestry rods are favored over curtain rods because the tapestry wall hanging rods are heavier and will not droop from the weight.

When browsing for a rod, hunt for one that has clear to hang brackets. Make sure that your brackets will jut your new wall hanging beyond the wall more than 1 to 2 inches. This will continue the air circulating behind your woven wall tapestry, so airborne moisture will not be able to get trapped and cause mold to grow on the weaving. Look around for a tapestry wall hanging rod with an antiqued coating-it will add European style and charm to your interior design.

Second, survey your territory. Where should you display the tapestry weaving? How much space should you keep surrounding the tapestry wall hanging? Here are some general rules of thumb that may facilitate.

If you have a really long and narrow up-and-down hanging tapestry similar to our long-wall tapestries, you had better drape it on a wall that is tall and narrow but make sure there is enough room surrounding it to hold off the wall from looking as if it is tight. This will definitely hamper the tapestry from appearing that it is puny and feeble.

If you have a big wall tapestry hanging, it is best to mount it on a wall with nothing else. You don’t want to cluster the exquisiteness or draw away a viewer’s gaze with smaller pieces. Huge tapestries can convert your dwelling into a castle, so treat them with esteem and favor.

Possibly you picked up two smaller tapestries, but have only one rod-never fear, you can make this work. You can place two small narrow vertical tapestries next to each other on one tapestry wall hanging rod, just remember to allow for more than 3 to 6 inches in between them to extend the conception of space. 

Note that this will work only with slender tapestry wall hangings like our Art Nouveau Set. Anything beyond this is bound to appear unprofessional and clumsy, so try your damnedest to measure everything out correctly.

You could conceivably need a specialized rod if your tapestry wall hanging is very broad and thick or if your home decor tapestry is unseamed and little. For large tapestries in excess of 80 to 100 inches, you should judge a wall tapestry rod that is at the very least one half inch broad. 

This will counter the rod from deforming in the midway.  If you bought a European wall tapestry of chenille, you might need to think over either a thin rod or a wooden rod instead of metal. If the rod is too sizable for your artistic tapestry hanging, it will definitely look overbearing and temporary.

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