Roofing – Why It Makes A Difference

We have been focusing recently on how to improve the external look of your home. Today, we are focusing on something that will certainly improve the exterior of your property but it will also make a significant difference to the inside of your home too. We are going to be talking about the importance of a decent roof.

Considering a new roof is probably not the most exciting prospect in the world and depending on the age of your home it may be something that is not required. However, if your home is over 30 years old and it has never had so much as a tile replaced it may be a good idea to at least get someone in to take a look.

We recently asked a trusted roofer in Liverpool to take a look at one of the properties we manage in the city and what we were told was staggering. There were actually 3 small leaks that we didn’t know about and the house was so poorly insulated it was costing us in excess of £300 in energy costs each and every year.

So, we got to thinking about the benefits of a new roof and this is what we found:

Energy Savings

As we have already stated, the energy savings can be astronomical when you add them up over the years. Even a modest £100 saving a year over 10 years adds up to £1000 and when you consider a new roof will probably cost you anywhere between £3000 and £5000 it is not a bad investment to make. The likelihood is that you will save much more than £100 each year if you have a roof that is 40 years old or more so it could almost pay for itself.

Opportunity For Solar

You may even be able to get money back if you invest in solar panels at the same time as having your roof updated. It does not make sense to add solar panels to an old roof but a new roof is perfect for adding these energy-generating panels. You could find all your electricity costs covered by a few solar panels and depending on how many people are living in your home you may even be able to sell some of your surplus energy back to the energy company as part of a feed-in tariff.

Adding Space

If you have considered a loft conversion to either add space or value to your home (and it is great for both) then considering doing this as part of re-roof could be a good idea. By going further than simply re-tiling or re-slating your roof you could increase the height or the pitch of the roof to add more space. You may even want to add a dormer window at the same time. Over time, a re-roof and loft conversion will probably end up costing you nothing as the re-sale value will pay for itself.

Improving The Appearance

You have probably noticed some of your neighbors have lovely new roofs if you live in a street that has older houses. You will also have noticed the significant impact this has on the overall look of the house. A new roof will not only keep you dry and well insulated, it will also add heaps of kerb appeal to your home and help you to keep up with the Jones’.

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