Choosing a Baker’s Rack is Like Choosing Fine Scarves & Shawls

You have likely heard the term bakers rack before but may not be extremely positive about what these are. Here is a quick lesson from Baker’s Racks 101.

A baker’s rack is a functional furnishing, commonly employed in the kitchen. They were initially used to cool pies as they were taken from the oven. The open-air shelves on the rack allowed the air to freely flow cooling down the bubbling hot pies.

Think of it of what you would hang your beautiful, soft, and stylish pashmina wraps or other clothing accessories on. Like the oven rack, it gives your fashion accessories and hot just-baked foods, air, and a place to do its thing.

The first styling was made up of the baker’s rack design that was fairly accented with scrolls and decorations on the back and sides. The open-air slats on the shelves allowed the ornamentation to be displayed even if cooling pies were on the shelves.  

Mixing bowls and tins also rested aside the cooling pies for terrific storage and access if necessary. The function of the baker’s rack was on the face of it, purely functional. Things have changed through time and it is terrific how many baker’s rack designs people are able to see presently.  

The selection of design is greater than ever before. Currently, people are able to find baker’s racks from the very demanded wrought iron bakers rack to corner baker’s racks in both the non-traditional and classic style.  

Over the years, baker’s racks have become more stylish, just like a man wearing an aviator silk men’s scarf. He looks more stylish and in fashion, not just being utilized for functional purposes.  

Like a great-looking clothing accessory, a baker’s rack is currently regarded as a beautiful piece of furniture that could accent almost any room in the house. While the kitchen area still is the favored place for bakers racks, you can actually place them anywhere in the house.

The term etagere is utilized whenever a bakers rack is placed out of the kitchen. You’ll likely still discover the sides and back can include some form of ornamentation and is an outstanding place to put your favorite cookbooks, wine goblets, or virtually everything your heart desires. Not only can you exhibit ornamental accessories on your baker’s rack, using one frees much more storage space in your cupboards and on your countertops.

Like many fashionable women wearing beautiful silk scarves around their necks brightening up a party…a beautiful baker’s rack can enliven any boring place or corner and be the focus of that room. For those of you with smaller spaces, corner bakers racks like the Florence Corner Rack are just right as you continue to utilize similar advantages as mentioned before, but additionally, have the advantage that other types of more traditional baker’s racks won’t have.  

In the same instance where clothing accessories like necklaces, brooches, hats, watches, and fashion shawls and scarves are so light and compact they hardly take up any space, a corner unit baker’s rack will not use up any more space either. That corner previously was there and was not being used. At this point, you may just accent an area with a practical piece of furniture that would not get in the way.  

The wrought iron bakers rack type remains probably the most popular due to their traditional good looks. Wrought iron bakers rack can go well with about any room in the house. You obviously won’t have to restrict it to just the kitchen or dining room area.

With a wrought iron bakers rack, you can actually find the iron brushed with various colors and finishes like a forest green finish to reinforce the already decorative product.  

No matter if you are looking to find a baker’s rack to include in your kitchen or an etagere to put in a bedroom, family room, or bathroom, you may discover it can be a fantastic addition to your house.

Imagine having a huge party or get together at your home. You’re dressed fancy in your fashionable pashmina shawl with your best jewelry and the most expensive piece of clothing in your closet, and everyone is admiring your beautiful baker’s rack, the centerpiece of your kitchen. You may question just how you lived without one for such a long time. Take comfort in knowing you’re contributing a wonderful piece of furniture to your home design that can only improve and serve lots of purposes.

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