A Baker’s Rack Buying Guide

baker rack of bread

Shopping for a baker’s rack requires some thought as this will not only be a functional piece in your home but also one that can draw one’s focus when entering the room. So, there are a few things you should consider when finding the perfect baker’s rack:

  • Style of Baker’s Rack: Are you looking for a more modern style or a classic yet contemporary feel. How about a more rustic style of baker’s rack or one with Old World charm? Knowing your style of decor – whether it is traditional, transitional, or modern will help you know where to begin.
  • What Size of Baker’s Rack Do You Need: Bakers racks come in a variety of sizes just as they do in styles. When you’re ready to seriously shop for your baker’s rack, you first need to determine where you’re going to put it and will it fit? Not every kitchen is designed the same. Some will fit a beautiful baker’s rack with a hutch while others will only fit a corner baker’s rack. First, determine where you’ll put it, and then this will help determine the size of the bakers rack you’ll need.
  • What kind of finish do you want on your baker’s rack: Choice is great and you will definitely find an abundance of it when you shop for a baker’s rack. There are a lot of different finishes available and one of the most popular is a wrought iron baker’s rack. You will find baker’s racks in a variety of different metals and woods. The options are so varied that finding the perfect style is inevitable. Determine what will look good with your existing decor but don’t be bound by the same color palette. It’s great to add a little punch with a baker’s rack that brings life into an otherwise uninteresting space.
  • How much do you want to spend on a baker’s rack: As with everything, the cost can determine what you’re able to buy. The great thing about our baker’s racks is that they fit every kind of budget. We have some bakers racks that are priced below $200 and are made of quality material like wrought iron and obviously, the price goes up from there. Know how much you’re willing to spend. Again, a baker’s rack offers up more than just being a decorative piece of furniture. It allows you to display your favorite accents, frees up more storage space in your cabinets, and can make a blank wall or empty corner come to life.

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